Article on the Superleague case: Latvian view

Article of Āris Kakstāns on the football Superleague In the November’s edition 2023 of the Sporta Avīze has been published.

How does the Superleague project looks for the Latvian sports?

In the Article it is briefly discussed on what is the EUCJ’s past and current record in relation to the sports law cases. For those who haven’t worked in the field that much, a lot of interesting findings await!

Then it is concluded that the media rights solidarity payments received by the Latvian clubs from UEFA probably are higher than the market value of the same few matches.

How exactly the Latvian football clubs do receive?

Latvian clubs are not very likely to be invited to the Superlague in a foreseeable future, therefore it is easy to see that maintaining UEFA’s model of distributing the money would be beneficial to Latvian football.

How safe are the positions for those Latvian managers relying on the UEFA money now?