New Latvian government & Sports

The Latvian Elections of October 2022 produced slight changes to the composition of the parliament. So did the executive power had to change. As any new government, this one has also drafted its declaration, with a section for sports, too!

What to expect in Sports politics

The near future might hold changes for sports, but maybe not. The declaration is very clear, and very broadly worded at the same time.

As long as the government will stand, it has prioritised for the sports some potentially meaningful reforms:

We will improve the legal acts in the sports industry, financing and governance system, including the review of tasks delegated to the non-governmental organizations, as well we will create a high achievements sports finance model that would be predictable in long-term, including the Paralympic movement.

Unofficial translation by (c)2022 of the Latvian government’s #1 sports target as announced on 14.12.2022

Sports infrastructure

The government declaration also promises to develop sports infrastructure in Latvia, to facilitate its accessibility.

Youth sports

Priority will be given to children’s and youth sports development. The access to sports in regions will be a key target, with particular care of younger generation.



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