Article in Sporta Avīze January’24: Racism in Latvian sports (2023)

A review of [publicly known incidents related to] racism in Latvian sports in 2023 has been published in the January edition 2024 of the Sporta Avīze journal.

The article is also available as a stand-alone content electronically:

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A brief summary of what you can find in the article:

– some Latvian sports federations have higher standard in the field of racism prevention

  • specifically, in relation to the expected responsible actions also of the members to the federation;
  • can you guess which sports those might be?

– 2023 has recorded possibly the most complaints concerning racial attacks against individuals (in the Latvian sports, to be exact); what do the responsible institutions think about those complaints?

There have been 2 formal investigation in football and one in ice hockey.