We wrap up our 2022

In 2022 we have been publishing articles on the leading Latvian magazines. First of all, the monthly sports journal “Sporta Avīze” (which translates as “The Sports Newspaper”, which name was selected when the journal was still a weekly thing). Secondly, we were present also in the weekly journal for Latvian Lawyers – “Jurista Vārds” (translates as “The Lawyers Word”). For the remainder of the year no drafts are in the preparation for the media.

Another productive year

For the sports fans we have six articles in the Sporta Avīze.

Here is what topics we have covered for the general public in the journal.

January 2022

Sports brands, focusing on the most popular sports teams brands in Latvia. Apparently, significant part of the Latvian professional (or at least top divisions of each respective sport) sports leagues is university teams.

We investigated the “Patents Board” database, which is the governing body of trademark registration in Latvia. The name of the body was made in 90s when everybody still believed that “patent” is the one and only intellectual property form. Some really strange discoveries as to the owners of some trademarks (former managers of the clubs owning the IP…).

March 2022

The research for the January’s issue lead us to investigate more into the students sport in Latvia. The names of the major Latvian universities appear in all of the major national tournaments for men and women.

We interviewed the representatives of the educational institutions to hear their motivations for being present in the sports.

One one hand, there is an ambition to compete for certain part of the students with NCAA, to provide an option for Latvian students against other major universities around the Europe and elsewhere. The concept of “dual education” has been a strong argument to convince many of youngster to stay in Latvia and study here.

May 2022

Tort and sport.

We look into the liability and responsibility in sports. How do you draw the line between disciplinary and civil or even criminal liability?

We researched the case law of Latvian courts to give an easy to read summary of otherwise heavy literature.

July 2022

Majority of all official summer camps in Latvia are taking place during the month of July, so why not take a look at the legal side of this business and leisure industry?

As a part of the research, randomly checking the advertised camps, one very prominent ex-player of the Latvian National Basketball team had not obtained any registration for his camp with coaches from Spain. One of them got officially promoted to the position of Real Madrid head coach during the summer.

Our message: no matter what are the credentials of your coach, you still have to comply with the Law.

Did we report it to the enforcement institutions – not this time, everybody deserves another chance and who knows when such prominent coaches will come to Latvia? A mere lack of camp registration should not discourage the former pro athletes from giving good to the society.

Now, since everybody has read our article in 2022, expectation is that in 2023 all will be compliant.

September 2022

Broadcasting and the Law. The last time this topic was brought up, was during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Latvian national broadcaster had opted to provide as much as possible live games on its program for the 2018 tournament.

Partly this was so because the national regulations are quite burdensome and unclear for private and/or streaming and OTT companies to purchase the WC rights. For the 4 years no improvements to the regulations had been made. And, honestly, the law had not changed since 90s, when there very quite a few internet streaming options available.

We re not convinced that the national approach to the sports broadcasting regulations and mandatory requirements is right. We call for it to change. Luckily, the national media also had seen this article and followed our lead.

November 2022

The season’s finale turns to the grand soccer tournament.

How the football’s governing body changed after it had assigned hosting rights for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.

And what has been the cost of the stadiums being built. Not the cost in a currency, but the cost in something more important – human lives.

We want you to ask yourself a question – should you tolerate the actions and decisions around the tournament and act if nothing happened, and just love football?

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