Client case in Sports Law meeting the Latvian Education Law

We advised parents of a young athlete in a dispute with a sports school concerning wrong decisions by the coaches.

🇱🇻The complexity of the case hides in the Laws on education being applied together with the regulations of the sports organisation. 

🛷The case has been like an ice track with high speed curves. Why such conflicts happen? 

🗃️A. It is common that former athletes go into the administration jobs based on their experience in the particular sports activity. 

🗃️B. However, the real life requires more than just mere re-applying something that the former sportsmen and sportswomen have seen in their professional lives and careers as athletes. 

🗃️By stepping into the administrative or managing role, many difficult decision have to be taken. 

🤯Sometimes, the interests of national sports policy or the sports federation, or the sports school might not be in compliance with the national mandatory rules on education. 

For Parents

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