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Knowledge in Sports Law

What We Do

Personal approach to each customer

Experience in the Latvian & International Sports Law of the “Lex Sportiva”.

01. Lawyer

Lawyer with knowledge and experience in Sports Law with passion to sports. Whenever you feel that “do it yourself” is too difficult, trust a professional.

02. Information

In the blog, as well as in media on internet and the printed publishers, we share useful information in the field of Sports Law.

03. Training

Individual and group training in sports law topics on demand. Through our partners we can offer also physical sports training excercises, as well as mental training

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What is the proposal of

Competence in the multiple fields

#1. Latvian Law Experience and Knowledge

Advice on the practicalities ands application of the Latvian Law.

#2. Sports Law

The Law and regulations as it is understood in the world of sports.

#3. Languages

We speak Latvian language, and are able to easily switch to work in English. As well, Russian and French languages is an option.

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Sports Law Latvia (Baltics) – English

Welcome to the Latvian sports Law site

Mission of is to offer professional legal services in Latvia.

Typical help is related to applying the Latvian Law to any sports topic that might arise locally or internationally, by acknowledging the role of the international Lex Sportiva.


You get local competencies, accessible in English, for clear, transparent and understandable fees. has been established in 2019, starting with professional legal consultations on the law for sports professionals, drafting and negotiating contracts. As the competencies and experience grew, our portfolio grew from national to international level, covering also areas closely related to the sports law topic.

Our customers focus on their business or daily tasks, while we handle the legal part of the process.


In cases of standard legal assistance we charge fixed fees for fixed scope of works from EUR 60 per hour on simpler tasks, and from EUR 80 where only skilled lawyer solves the matters. Depending on the required specialists, the hourly rate of a lawyer would be guaranteed – defined as agreed for you individually.

When we agree to undertake your assignment, a contract is signed to evidence the agreed fees and the scope of the service.

For open-ended tasks we offer a transparent proposal of fees depending on the professional legal or other services requested by you. For non-standard cases we do not offer fixed fees, while we still maintain high transparency.

In more complex or urgent cases this might vary, also subject to possible advance payment, travel and other expenses.